Final Integrative Essay

THE 2050 – Integrative Essay + Personal Self-Assessment Guidelines – Spring Term 2, 2021  -Note:  The purpose of the Integrative Essay, which includes Part A & Part B below, is to help you “dig deeper” and make your own – some key concepts that we have studied.  It is not a research paper.  You should not have to use any other material for writing this paper other than the material assigned in the Units of this course or as found within our course’s Discussion Board Forums or our Online meetings.The total points that can be gained for Part A & Part B is 12 points toward your final grade!  So, this is a very important assignment.  Part C, which follows your essay, is your chance to reflect on what you have gained from our course.  Part C is worth 4 points toward your final grade.  The total points that can be earned for this final assignment is 16 points.We have discussed a number of very important key themes, principles and understandings about the Spirituality of Healthcare, coupled with learning much about how to serve patients with varying cultural heritages.  Our final paper is to give each of you a chance to pull together your thoughts around the two major themes of our course.  Thus, this paper has two primary questions for your to write about – i.e., a Part A and a Part B.  Each part is worth 6 points.You should use material from our class readings, videos, assigned websites, online meetings & discussion board forum posts to substantiate your points. You must write your paper in your own words, backing up your points with material from the sources just listed.  You should not need to go to any outside sources.  This is not a research paper but rather a paper that helps you consolidate what you have learned from our course material and class discussion.PART A: Choose 2 key insights or themes you are taking away for your own practice of healthcare regarding how to care for the spiritual aspect of the human person. For each of these themes, name the theme, and provide support from our readings and/or videos that helps you substantiate what each theme means.  Finally, explain why you have chosen these themes, in terms of why these themes seem especially important to you and your particular work in healthcare.For example:  You might discuss the meaning of holistic healing & the insights you have gained about this from our course. Or, you may want to discuss healthcare as a vocation where one is called to be “standing on holy ground,” as opposed to merely getting a decent paying job.  You might also choose to discuss the significance of attentiveness to the patients spiritual and religious needs as part of the general, overall approach to healing and why this is important based upon the various life situations discussed in our textbook Spirituality in Nursing.  You could also choose to discuss the importance of being in touch with one’s own spirituality, as a pre-requisite for providing good spiritual care to patients – and what you personally have come to see about that in your own life from our course.  Another suggestion would be the role of spiritual care in helping patients deal with suffering. And, as a final suggestion, you could discuss the role of prayer and how you might support patients in their practice of prayer.  These are mere suggestions.  You may choose anything that fits the general topic to be discussed in Part A.PART B: What it means to do healthcare in a transcultural environment & taking a deeper look at how to provide healthcare to persons, who claim specific cultural & religious heritages as their own.Choose 1 specific religious and cultural heritage, studied in our course, which particularly interested you. Using the material in our course textbook, A Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care, along with relevant unit videos, summarize the key elements that should be considered when providing healthcare to persons belonging to thisspecific spiritual and cultural heritage.You may include examples from the text and/or your own personal or professional experience to illustrate and support your points.PART C: This final part of your final assignment gives you a chance to assess what you have gained for your work in healthcare from our course.  Write a substantial paragraph in which you answer the following question:How do you think this course will help you, professionally, in your understanding of your patients  — and in your overall work as a healthcare professional?_________________________________________________________________________________________________The total length of this final assignment should be  to 5 typewritten pages of text, double-spaced, 12 pt type, with correct spelling and grammar.  You do not need a cover page for your paper.  If you do choose to include a cover page, it will not be counted as an official page in this assignment.   Points may be deducted for poor spelling and grammar. The possible point total that can be earned for this entire assignment is 16.You should use quotation marks around material taken directly from sources other than your own thought.  You can use in-text references to show where your quotes are from.  For example: (O’Brien, page 121)

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