final project 120

For the Final Project students will select a sport or sporting event from a country other than the United States. This sport must have a cultural foundation in the country you select. You may NOT select any of these sports: basketball, soccer (futbol), baseball/softball, hockey, football, or track/field. You may not select a “ridiculous” sport like wife carrying, cheese-throwing, or chess boxing. Your project should answer these questions in 4 or more pages.

  • Name the sport / sporting event and country with the cultural ties to this sport.
  • Describe the history of the sport/event. When, where, how was this sport developed.
  • Describe the cultural importance of this sport/event to that country.
  • Provide pictures of the sport / event in your project.
  • List at least 5 references used in your paper (do not include the textbook as one reference).
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