Final Project Finance Paper

Paper has t be APA format and it has to be no less than 15 pages. The guidelines for he paper are attached.



Here is the project proposal.
” I have been in an internship program for a Maryland based company. The CEO is a very good business man. The  I admire his business practice and for that reason, I have chosen  the financial advisory company  as my proposed organization to  investigate. The work performed is the financial advisement of clients in low, middle and high level incomes. The company currently manages $10,000,000 in assets and growing. There are currently six employees including the CEO. Based in Maryland, the company area of responsibility includes Maryland , D.C. AND Virginia. I will receive my information directly from the HR department and the staff. There are also information dialogue found on line and company website which can be verified. I am looking forward to this analysis and investigation”
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