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1 Describe the mission, assumptions and objectives for the upcoming budget year for the departments involved. (Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacy & Radiology) 2 Establish statistics volume projections for the budget year 2015 for all four (4) departments. 3 Establish a position control plan for the new Psychiatric Unit. (Part of Nursing) 4 Establish a position control plan for nursing and laboratory. 5 Complete expense item for laboratory & radiology for 2015. 6 Project the expected net revenue for all Medicare, HMO, and all Other Insurance patients. The percentage breakdown of patients by payor mix is as follows: Medicare 51% Blue Cross 16% Medical Asst 08% HMO 10% Commercial INS 07% Other 05% Self Pay 03% Total 100% In the new fiscal year, the hospital plans to: 1 Establish a separate distinct 15-bed inpatient psychiatric unit. 2 Install new equipment in the laboratory to enable the hospital to do 35% more tests in-house rather than send them to a reference lab. 3 Recruit a general surgeon and a Internist. 4 Purchase an additional CT scanner which is expected to increase current radiology volumes by 3.25%. THREE DEPARTMENTS ARE INVOLVED IN OUR BUDGET EXERCISE. THEY ARE NURSING, LABORATORY, PHARMACY AND OUTPATIENT/AMBULATORY SERVICES. STATISTICAL DATA 2012 – 2013 2013- 2014 2014- 2015 Admissions In Pt (Nursing) 7,395 7,400 7,370 Laboratory Test 399,330 411,810 421,564 Pharmacy Rx 99,832 100,011 99,642 Radiology Exams 68,222 69,124 68,950 LABORATORY EXPENSES 2012 2013 2014 Supplies $79,866 $86,480 $96,959 RADIOLOGY EXPENSES Supplies $395,205 $405,222 $410,100 PARIENT REVENUE Gross Revenue Projected for the 2014-2015 budget year is as follows: In Patient $30,675,000 Out Patient $36,878,000 Total $67,553,000 Current Reimbursement Formulas: In Patient Out Patient Medicare $5760/case 38% of Charge HMO $1215.00/pat day 31% of Charge Other Insurance $7655.00/discharge 42.5% of Charge

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