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Discussion 1

This is a continuation from the last assignment. For this milestone, you will participate in a discussion in which you present the research design you will be using in your final research investigation. In other word how would you test out your research question and conduct your correlational study?

This is the research question that you chosen

Do we have any personality attachments styles which correlate with the substance abuse in the literature and real life? Again, are there some various experiences in childhood which can pose and alter some of the attachment patterns reducing some of the substance abuse?

Discussion 2

Respond to the student post below. You will assist your classmates in refining their own research designs.

Annie post


For our final project, I am focusing on Track Two and Topic One, which is environmental influences (childhood experiences) on personality. My research question is “Does early parental loss during childhood influence personality development in a negative way?” To test out my research question, I would conduct a correlational study, which is the most appropriate research design to implement since I am aiming to find out if there is a relationship between negative development of personality and early parental loss in children. During our Module Two discussion, I also chose a correlational study as my preferred research design, which continues to be the most appropriate choice for me currently, as a correlational design will allow me to study many different people at one time and gain valuable insight into my topic. However, during our Module Two discussion, I had discussed that I may focus on the relationship between low socioeconomic status and personality development which I have changed my mind about. Since working on the Module Four Research Gap Worksheet, I have made the decision to focus on early parental loss and the influence it has on personality development.

To conduct this (hypothetical) correlational study, I would implement the use of personality tests and questionnaires to my participants at both the onset of the study, as well as at a follow-up in one year. It is extremely important to uphold ethical standards, especially when children are involved. Informed consent would be obtained from legal guardians of the children involved, as well as anonymity being maintained throughout and after the study.

Esther post


For my final project, I chose to focus on Track Two, Topic One: Environmental Influences on Personality: Childhood Experiences. Back in Module Two, I chose the correlational research design and I still choose that design now. Some people may say to focus more on each subject at a time so that I can get as many details as possible, but I am choosing to focus on the fact that I can get a lot of information from multiple people at one time. For my research I want to learn more about the process of experiences and how it has shaped individuals so gathering information from multiple people are needed.

Building up from Module Two, is that I am focusing more on the results of an adult. I would want to research adults who are willing to go into therapy to work on their attachment issues etc. That way, I would need some individuals who are possibly already working on themselves and are willing to share with me.

My research question that I want to focus on is, Are adults able to change or revise some aspects of their personality based on their attachment theory? The reason why I chose this is because after reading all the articles, I have seen that many studies talk about the attachment theory and how personalities start from as young as babies depending on things such as how they are raised, how their family’s function, and the social aspect at school. But finding studies that have researched adults who have been able to change their attachment theory with tools and/or therapy are few.

For my research, I would choose between 10-20 participants. I would need an even amount of people. All of my participants would need to be over 21, when their personalities are more shaped of who they are. One group would be individuals who will not do therapy so that I can be able to compare and contrast between the other group who will do therapy. I would implement questionnaires and have each individual answer to the best of their ability. The questions would be personality related.

In Module Two, I had ethical concerns that I will still focus on. The ethical concerns that I would possibly run into would be making sure that I do not receive any data, or information without full consent. I would also need to make sure that while I am going through my research, I do not become “attached” to any of the subjects. That means, I would be in talks with the therapist and making sure that this is all within consent.

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