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Some challenges a writer can have when writing a play are making sure there characters are able to connect with the audience. They need to be relatable and show emotion when acting out scenes. It’s also little things such as a storyline where all the scenes follow a single character, or close-ups to detailed objects or people. When you write a play, you should always have some idea of how it could work on stage. It may not always work so that can be a challenge as well. One way a play writer is different from a novel writer is because with a novel you are the director what ever you decide to write is what will be portrayed. Now with playwriting you may have a great idea but the director of the play is able to change lines of a script in order for it to work better or play out better on stage. The elements I think are important in writing a successful play are character’s and choosing the correct actors too act out that character. Also music, plot, and theme are just as important this is what will keep the crowd engaged so it must be on point.


A playwright is a moving story book. The story is written as in watching it take place before your eyes, this would be the theme. A forest or city that a character may be walking to work. Something happened to the character. In a novel a disadvantage would be describing what happen. The character fell. Well, how did he fall, what happened when he fell? Is the character ok. In a playwright, this would be a advantage. As in being the character yourself. You fell, look down at your knee, your ok. You get back up and brush the dirt off. The finest details need to be in a novel or poem. You have to created what would happen. In a playwright, if you imagine the character, take yourself through the steps, the writing should come very easy. I believe the most important thing in writing is the characters. you have to fall in love with the reading/play. If you can not fall in love or relate to the characters, why would you read or watch the play?


This week’s first assignment lets you lend your creativity to a one-act play.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word play, incorporating a clear beginning, middle, and ending. Your play must have at least two characters.

Grammar and punctuation variations are acceptable if they serve the needs of the piece.

Note: You do not have to use a particular style, such as MLA or APA, as this is a creative writing assignment.

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