Forgiveness Definition Paper

What is the definition of forgiveness that you now hold? (include: What is forgiveness? What is it not? Are there unforgiveable acts (why/why not)?).

• Provide support for your opinion (you must reference at least 3 scholarly journal articles, these can be assigned course readings).

• Why has your definition after course?

•Your paper must follow APA guidelines

•Write a 4 – 5 page paper (double spaced)

Some course information:

Forgiveness is Not: Forgetting, Condoning, Excusing, Justifying, Pardoning, Reconciliation

Unforgiveness and Mental Health: Chronic anger, Anxiety, General distress, Guilt, Depression

Unforgiveness and Physical Health: More fatigue, More chronic pain, Higher heart rate, Higher blood pressure, Decreased immune system functioning

Stress Eustress: Good stress, Motivating

Stress Distress: Bad stress, Negative physical reaction, Unforgiveness

How Does Forgiveness Help: Just imagining holding a grudge affects your body, Reduces physiological stress, Re-establishment of social support

act is unforgivable: The direct victims are dead, The act is absolutely inexcusable, The deed is of such enormity that victims could never be properly compensated, The consequences of the act = enormous harm, The act is of such enormity that resentment of it will forever be justified, The act violates profoundly important moral principles

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