Writea two-page paper, typed and double-spaced, using the in which you respond to each of the following questions. Include a 200-word summary highlighting the importance of this type of competitor analysis.

  • According to the data collected from United Airlines and presented in the preceding multi-attribute matrix, describe five useful pieces of information for United’s future managerial decision making.
  • According to the date collected from United Airlines and presented in the preceding multi-attribute matrix, which airline is preferred by nonbusiness travelers?
  • Compared to the airline preferred by nonbusiness travelers, which attributes should receive the most immediate attention?
  • After flying with United Airlines, passengers were asked to record their perceptions about their experiences pertaining to each of the decision-making criteria. The results are displayed in the table at the end of the text (expectation scores were obtained from the original multi-attributed matrix). Given this information, determine the size and direction of the satisfaction gap and whether customers were dissatisfied, satisfied or delighted.
  • If United’s customers’ expectations are misaligned with their actual perceptions, what can United do to correct the situation so that in future purchase decisions, accurate rankings are entered into the consumer’s multi-attribute matrix?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of United Airlines actively pursuing nonbusiness customers.
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