Funding Terrorism Worksheet


Complete Parts I and II of this worksheet. 


Part I


Watch the “Counterfeits: Funding Terrorism” video located on the student website.


Complete the table by including the following:


·         Left column: Identify 2 or 3 funding strategies used by terrorists or terrorist organizations to fund their activities.

·         Middle column: Identify the threat the funding strategy poses to homeland security and to legitimate businesses.

·         Right column: Identify strategies used in counterterrorism to combat the funding strategy.



Funding Strategy


Counterterrorism Strategy














Part II


Write a 350- to 700-word summary, in the space below, about the funding and counterterrorism strategies listed in the table. Include the following in your summary:


·         Identify the threats that funding strategies pose to legitimate businesses.

·         Describe counterterrorism actions taken that affect the terrorist funding strategy.



Video Link

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