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Promoting Healthy Prenatal Development

During a healthy pregnancy, the womb provides a protective environment for the fertilized egg (or zygote) to develop into an embryo, and then into a fetus. This maturation process supports the unfolding of the genetic code that is specific to each individual. However, a child’s prenatal environment also has an impact on development. In fact, during this stage, certain adverse conditions may have a profound effect on the developing human being.


As you review pages 96–107 of the course text, think about the conditions that influence prenatal development. Consider the potentially significant impact these conditions may have on a child’s development in utero and beyond.


Select two of the conditions discussed in your course text that are of strong interest to you. (If you choose a protective factor, make the second an at-risk condition.) Think about how each might be addressed through advocacy and/or intervention. With this in mind:

By Day 3:

Post the following:


  • A brief description of the two conditions you chose and why you chose them
  • The potential impact of each condition on a child’s development
  • Your views on the roles and/or responsibility of individuals and/or society to advocate for protective factors or to take action to prevent unhealthy development associated with at-risk conditions
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