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This is a two-part assignment! It must be completed in 27 hours! Must use original work! I’ll attach the previous assignments as this is a continuation of weeks-long research.

Write a 500- to 750-word summary of the ethical issues that affect your selected research question and methodology, including the following:

  • Write a brief statement of the research question.
  • List the possible ethical issues, such as consideration of characteristics of your sample, type of data collection, potential for bias, and so forth.
  • Identify and cite the APA ethical standard concerning the issue.
  • Respond to each issue, specifying how you, the researcher, will minimize or eliminate it.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word research proposal including the following:

Introduction, including purpose and importance of your topic

Literature review based on the Annotated Bibliography assignment

Research questions and hypothesis

Methods: sample, procedure, and analysis

Ethical considerations

Discussion: expected results, conclusions, and limitations


Running Head: “Setting up a research”

Setting Up Research

LaTonya Bethune


Professor Teresa Neal

University of Phoenix

November 25, 2019

Exercise 1.1: Discovering the Subject of Your Interest or Issue of Inquiry

When carrying out a research, personal interest is important; this is because it dictates on the success of the project. My choice of personal interest was concluded after carrying out personal reflection, which enlightens me on what I am mostly interested in. My interest was based on understanding how theories of psychology are practical in understanding [Awkward and vague phrasing—Please rewrite for greater clarity.] the abilities of an individual. The components that led to such an interest is the exposure I had acquired from academic journals, topical debates, and also various tests touching on the theories. I became curious of studying the theories after I had read different conflicting research work on theories of psychology in relation to understanding an individual. I have always been curious on aobut getting quality research work on the theories; however, I was not successful hence I am researching more about the study. More about what study? I am also specific since I want to understand exactly how individuals are influenced by the theories. [Cut or reduce empty words to make your writing more concise.]

Exercise 1.2: Understanding the Personal Viewpoint

My original interest towards my chosen research topic was broad; hence, I could not bring the exact meaning of my research statement. I had knowledge on psychology and how it is structured and also its definition. Furthermore, the theory in psychology what theory? since it is part of my education. However, I had to narrow it to individuals. I had once assisted someone in carrying out research work on a field in psychology; on a topic in the field of psychology? hence I got the chance of going through academic journals thoroughly. This made me to be curious about other topics that became my concern since it had not been exhausted. I believe that as much as there is a lot of research work done on my interest topic, it has not been exhausted fully. Furthermore my main aim is to conduct a good research without jumping to premature conclusions. Certain conclusions made on my research topic are predisposed as a result of carrying out methodical scholarly work.

Exercise 1.3: Selecting the Focus of Your Study

The focus on my study interest has been narrowed down to individuals. This has been done so in order to be able to understand what is being reviewed exactly. If the study was to only focus on theories related to psychology then I would have created a broad interest on the research topic. My study concentrates on individuals and how they respond to certain conditions. Moreover how the behavior of individuals can be affected, when the theories are practically implemented on an individual. When are theories “practically implemented on an individual”? Studying an individual through understanding the psychological theories that explain the human mind is important since it brings out why some individual behave in a certain way. The research would provide various ways that tests can be conducted on individuals. For instance the research topic can now be narrowed to how students’ performance in school is psychologically affected. Students in schools are part of my planned research study and how they function and perform in class. You refer to “the study” and “the theory”, but there is no one study or theory defined or explained anywhere in your discussion. Write for clarity and exact simplicity, ensuring that you are explaining thoroughly what you are trying to say.

Exercise 1.5: Developing Your Interest Statement

My research aims at using the theories of psychology to bring out its impact on individuals. I believe Psychology plays an influential role in understanding the abilities of an individual. The research interest is supposed to specifically deal with understanding the abilities depicted by persons. However the abilities will be determined by the use of psychological theories to explain further. The research interest is however supposed to be narrowed further so as to specify on the exact persons being studied on their abilities. As much as I want to know the abilities of an individual it is necessary to state exactly whether it children or adults. This will clearly define what I am interested in. My research interest, “understands how theories of psychology are practical in understanding the abilities of an individual”, however it is necessary for me to focus exactly on my interest therefore I would change it to “Understanding how theories of psychology are influential to understanding students abilities.” The research involves understanding the abilities of students using theories of psychology. The point of focus in my study is to understand if psychology has an influence on students. It will be based on conducting tests on students and also academic journals for information.

Research and null hypotheses?

When searching for a research interest for a study it is necessary for one to choose a topic that is your issue of inquiry. When choosing my research interest it was challenging since I had to make sure, it is something I am deeply interested in carrying out. Furthermore focusing on my study without being biased was also challenging since it required me to go through the scholarly methodologies and resources .Furthermore, I also had to know my specific subject at a personal level. This is because a research interest emerges from the vantage point of an academic discipline. Moreover having a research study topic that is based on your interest will make things easier and smooth when conducting the actual research study. Identifying a good subject of interest is the gateway to a successful research paper. Therefore, getting a good research topic requires choosing a personal interest, refining the interest and using the research interest to identify a suitable topic. Your specific hypotheses are missing. You discuss that you need one but it is not included here.

How might you use the resources available to you in the Center for Writing Excellence to improve your mechanics?


Annotated Bibliography

LaTonya Bethune


Professor Teresa Neal

University of Phoenix

December 2,2019

Annotated Bibliography

Andreassen, C. S., Pallesen, S., & Griffiths, M. D. (2017). The relationship between addictive use of social media, narcissism, and self-esteem: Findings from a large national survey. Addictive bBehaviors64, 287-293. Journal titles should be capitalized (each word).

Self- esteem is basically a dependent variable as it is comprised of many aspects that contribute to it such as personal ethics that make people perceive themselves, it also depends on social class and that enables people to interact freely among people within the same social group. The responses people get from others in terms of their personality and appearance determine the level of self-esteem. The book the authors illustrate (this is a journal article, not a book) also illustrates that it can be an independent variable and behavior becomes a dependent variable as people behave in a manner they do depending on the level of self-esteem and that allows them either publicly or in privates to behave in a certain perception. The same perception set can be used even in interaction with student interaction and interaction with other students who may seem of higher social class than others.

Lyndon, M. P., Henning, M. A., Alyami, H., Krishna, S., Zeng, I., Yu, T. C., & Hill, A. G. (2017). Burnout, quality of life, motivation, and academic achievement among medical students: A person-oriented approach. Perspectives on medical education6(2), 108-114.

Behavior is a basic depended variable what does that mean? that all other aspects depend on to determine how a variable all the other variable however [Awkward and vague phrasing—Please rewrite for greater clarity.] behavior is constituted by many other aspects that make it stabilize and be characterized by such a behavior such as culture, social class, and self-esteem that generate an embodiment of how one perceives the environment. The quality of life and motivation when undertaking any practices and educational matter depend on the perception. It is true and believed that attitude towards an endeavor determines the success and behavior comes in as the attribute created after all the presumptions. [Cut or reduce empty words to make your writing more concise.]

Tran, L., & Rimes, K. A. (2017). Unhealthy perfectionism, negative beliefs about emotions, emotional suppression, and depression in students: A mediational analysis. Personality and Individual Differences110, 144-147.

Emotion differs among people is not a dependent variable however it attributes the well-being of the students and perception of many other aspects of life. The book illustrates how negative belief affects people’s perception about themselves and their mental health status and generate a different positive perception of life and thus create good interaction among other people as they continue with their work status and interaction with other students. The book another article, not a book. Authors illustrate, books and articles cannot (anthropomorphism) illustrates that depression in students in related to the continuous status of the emotional configuration of student. The dependent variable in this aspect is the outcome of the levels of emotional aspects in reference to depression.

Heimpel, S. A., Elliot, A. J., & Wood, J. V. (2006). Basic personality dispositions, self‐esteem, and personal goals: An approach‐avoidance analysis. Journal of personality74(5), 1293-1320.

The book analyzes a relationship between self-esteem, behavior, and emotion to be linked with the personality of an individual. In the same sense behavior is the product that results from self-esteem and emotion. An illustration used to explain is how people perceive masculinity and femininity and they expect boys to respond in a certain way because they have high levels of self-esteem, while girls have low esteem generally.

[The essay contains quite a few mechanical problems. Please see the appropriate link in the Grammar Mechanics section of the Center for Writing Excellence to correct the errors based on this review. Reading the essay aloud will help you locate awkward phrasing and other problem areas.]

Check your APA formatting.

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