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A Group Project Due in Module 6

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Group Project

Ideal Hospital and Health System (IHHS; fictitious name), is hiring a group of administrators to help staff their hospital and is looking to the incumbent group for leadership, strength, and determination. IHHS is a medium-sized hospital and a diversified healthcare organization with revenues last year of $165 million. IHHS is in a small metropolitan area and competes with several other larger hospital and health care organizations.

The search committee is bringing your group back for a second interview and they want your group to make a short PowerPoint presentation to the Board of Trustees. You are to address how this group will lead IHHS into the future. The committee is looking for your group to demonstrate several key qualities of good leaders. Working well in a group atmosphere is among their top priority, as this hospital has often been celebrated for its interdisciplinary approach to patient care. They are looking to your group to continue this trend and help lead the organization into the future.

There are NO individual projects allowed.

Group Project instructions

As a part of your group’s PowerPoint Presentation there should be information on:

  • The theory that most often drives this group (the leadership theory)
  • What values this group view as important in an organization the size of IHHS?
  • How are internal conflicts within the group approached?
  • How your group’s vision of health care influences the leadership abilities of the group? Consider how the vision and values of this group can trickle down to each individual group member as they working with this organization in the future.

Demonstration of these key requirements is sure to win your group the position for the new group administrators! The hospital Board of Trustees have already completed research on your group and have advised you to be truthful in your group representation.

For the purposes of this assignment, you should identify an area of the hospital your group will specialize in, and cater your presentation to this area. For example: emergency medicine, radiology, risk management, infection control, information technology etc. For instance, your group might be geared toward Information Technology; as such your group presentation should address this area.

When choosing a leadership theory that drives your group – remember that Servant Leadership is a “style” not a theory. Please choose a theory from Chapter 2 of your textbook.

You will need to use your textbook as a reference and at least four other resources; make sure to include an APA reference slide (s). Please note that all resources used in the HSA program need to be scholarly – not just something from the Wikipedia website (which is not scholarly and a resource you should never use for research). You will also need a title slide that lists the title of your presentation as well as the names of all group members and group number.

There are NO individual projects allowed.

Your group will create a power point presentation that will be presented to the Board of Trustees of IHHS for further deliberation.

  1. There must be at least three different types of slide layouts (e.g. a title slide, a picture with caption slide, bullet points).
  2. Bullet points must be used rather than long complete sentences.
  3. Use one background or theme for the entire presentation and make sure font size is appropriate for a presentation. Remember, this is your groups professional document -make it look nice!
  4. Use at least 4 relevant images. They can be clip art or photos, they must include a citation on the slide.
  5. Use APA citations to support content slides on the slide.
  6. Must use notes section.
  7. Use a final reference slide in APA format.
  8. Use 13-15 slides total to present your information. (The title slide and one reference slide can be a part of the 13-15 slide count)
  9. Name file: HSA4184_IHHS_PPT_Group_Number (you will be assigned a group number). Only the group captain will need to submit the assignment.Make sure to include all names of the participants in the title slide. The dropbox will be in Module 6.
  10. Be certain to review the rubric carefully. It documents how you will earn your points on this assignment. You do not need to include the rubric with your final submission; the instructor will include a copy of the rubric for you.
  11. This assignment may only be submitted once. Carefully review your assignment before clicking submit!

Your instructor for the course will assign you to groups. These groups need to utilize their Group Discussion Forum when working on the assignment as this iswhere everyone in the group will communicate on the group project. The GROUP discussion forum assigned to your particular group is a requirement for all members of the group and needs to be utilized from day one of the group assignment. Please do NOT use outside sources such as texting, email or chat forums to discuss your group project. If there is a problem in the group later on I will not be able to see what occurred which could affect everyone’s grades. Participating in the group discussion forum is important as this will be a part of peer review form grade.

There are NO individual projects allowed.

Peer Review forms will be filled out at the end of the project by each member of the group (peer review forms can be found in Course Rubrics). I except honest comments and scoring on each group member by the other – note that comments on each member are copied to their peer review form to be shared with them


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