HCM 337 IP4

Create 8-10 PowerPoint slides, not including title slide and reference slide, with 150-300 words of speaker notes for each slide.  Cite at least 2 scholarly references published within the last 5 years and use APA 6 format with in-text citation.Assignment Details:As the new office coordinator of a small multi-specialty group practice, you are responsible for providing training for all newly hired employees and in-service training for current staff. You are informed that not all staff members are familiar with the legal, ethical, and regulatory implications of HIPAA and PPACA. You are asked to put together a training seminar on this topic that includes the following:IntroductionDiscuss and define HIPAA; including itsBackground/HistoryIntentMajor ProvisionsImplications on Patient CareDiscuss and define PPACA; including itsBackground/HistoryIntentMajor ProvisionsImplications on Patient CareAnalysis on why it’s necessary for staff to be informed of these topicsConclusion

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