Health Policy and Politics

1) See Part VII (Chapters 23–25) in our textbook, “The United States in International Context,” and/or additional resources such as those listed below. Specify the single most important lesson from the experience of some other country that YOU would recommend for use in the development or reform of U.S. health policy—and explain WHY.(2) Describe IN DETAIL how you believe this lesson would apply to the U.S. context—including the benefits you would expect and likely obstacles to its successful implementation (cultural values, political alignments, stakeholder interests, economic factors, etc.).(3) How would you propose to effectively address the objections and concerns of those whose positions on the matter differ from your own?Other recommended resources:Beckfield, Jason, Sigrun Olafsdottir,      and Benjamin Sosnaud. 2013. “Healthcare Systems in Perspective:      Classification, Convergence, Institutions, Inequalities, and Five Missed      Turns.” Annual Review of Sociology 39:127–46.Busse,      Reinhard, Miriam Blümel, Franz Knieps, and Till Bärnighausen. 2017.      “Statutory Health Insurance in Germany: A Health System Shaped by 135      Years of Solidarity, Self-Governance, and Competition.” The Lancet 390(10097):882–97.      doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(17)31280-1.Herzlinger,      Regina E., Barak D. Richman, and Richard J. Boxer. 2017. “Achieving      Universal Coverage Without Turning to a Single Payer: Lessons from 3 Other      Countries.” JAMA 317(14):1409–10.      doi:10.1001/jama.2017.1475.Maioni,      Antonia. 1997. “Parting at the Crossroads: The Development of Health      Insurance in Canada and the United States, 1940–1965.” Comparative      Politics 29(4):411–31.Reid,      T. R. 2010. The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better,      Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care. New York: Penguin Books.The      Lancet Oncology. 2018. “The NHS: Failing to Deliver on Beveridge’s      Promise?” [editorial]. The Lancet Oncology 19(1):1.      doi:10.1016/S1470-2045(17)30918-X. Retrieved January 7, 2020 ( original discussion post should be at least 450 words; please include a word count at the end of your posting. You MUST use concepts, theories, facts, etc., from your textbook and/or from peer-reviewed journals or reputable internet sources in your discussion (and cite your sources).

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