Health policy due 3/4/2021 800 words

Health policyMUST USE THE TEXTBOOK! Respond to the questions below. Be sure to cite and reference resource with at least 4 references including the book.Part 1:200 words–Question A:  Chapter 5: Public Health is accomplished through the local, state, federal and global agencies, but discuss the involvement by at least 4 other entities or agencies. How are these other entities or agencies involved with Public Health issues, provide specific example?200 words–Question B: Chapter 6: Discuss the A) types and B) limitations of individual legal rights of health care. C) How did these rights come to health care?200 words–Question C: Chapter 7—a) What are health harming social conditions? Provide examples  b) Describe the ways in which the law can be both positive and negative in relation to health harming social conditions.200 words–Part 2:  Address your ‘a-ha moment’ for this week: Something that was a realization for the week that really opened your eyes, changed your perceptions and/or something that you know that you will remember forever, this must be related to the above chapters and topics. Use at least one evidence-based article to support your thoughts.

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