Health Psychology Behavioral Change Paper

*Read attachments thoroughly* 10 pages due Monday morning.

My topic is the use of tanning beds and how my goal is to lessen my visits.

Make sure to implement my SMART goals that are attached.

You will be asked to choose a health related behavioral change that you would like to make in your own life. You will identify a specific change, set concrete goals, keep a log on your progress and identify barriers to change as well as factors that promote change. Your final product will also include a discussion of the psychological principals and evidence base associated with your change process, and what you learned about the process that could be relevant to medical settings. Follow APA guidelines and present your baseline, intervention, results for your target behavior(s) in the context of peer-reviewed research. You should have an introduction, methods section, results section, and discussion section.

I HAVE INCLUDED A BASIS OF MY INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT BELOW. There must be obvious use of qualitative and quantitative data. My quantitative data is that in September I bought a tanning package and went tanning in a UV bed about 5 times a week. However, in November and December I did not buy a package and didn’t go tanning at all. My qualitative data would be the results in the change of my skin. I have many dark “sun spots” along my arms and face. However, I noticed after about 40 days without tanning that those sunspots faded and were lightening up.

MUST USE 5 CREDIBLE RESOURCES. Paper also must be 10 pages. Below I have attached the grading criteria.

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

PART 1  
Topic and Setting Goals (SMART Format, Thoroughness and Thoughtfulness) 20
Part 2  
Tracking Progress / Barriers and Change Promotion (Accuracy, Model Fit, Modifications) 35
Theoretical Integration & Application of Evidence Base (Critical Thinking, Accuracy)


SMART GOAL Leila Bazzi

Step 1: Select a Goal

Typically, I like to appear tan year-round. That seems to be a problem in the winter, so I partake use in tanning beds. Considering the side effects of tanning beds could be destructive to my health, I have decided to lessen my tanning bed exposure. Tanning beds are associated with an increased risk of melanoma and skin cancer. UV rays affect not only the skin, but the eyes as well. Eye cancer is also a potential consequence of continuous UV ray exposure. My goal is to avoid the future risks of these health issues by attempting to reduce my tanning bed visits.

Step 2: Monitor Target Behavior

I want to use a tanning bed less (try to limit to only twice a week) to help reduce the chances of skin cancer. I will do so by keeping track of my tanning visits, taking note of how many times I go weekly. Keeping track of my visits daily will put me in check, and hopefully lower the amount of times I go now, which is about 3-4 a week. I also want to keep track of using sunblock during my baseline and intervention phases.

Step 3: Change Setting Events

Being that there is a tanning salon within a mile radius of my home, it is easily accessible and hard to resist. Although, in order to maintain this lifestyle change, I will have to make an effort to stop buying tanning packages. Rather, I will start buying one-time visits versus a monthly package, which keeps me coming back. One-time visits are also costlier than packages, which will start making me spend more, and help me realize how much money I am spending on a tan that is doing more harm than good.

Step 4: Establish Effective Consequences

As previously stated, I tend to tan 3-4 times a week. While starting this challenge and keeping track of my visits, my goal is to not exceed more than two visits a week, with the end-goal to diminish the use of tanning beds completely. If I seem to exceed my 2 visits for the week, I will lose the opportunity to go the following visit. Therefore, if I abuse my limits, I will face the consequence of losing another visit. This will cause me to stay on track and ensure I do not surpass my goal visits.

Step 5: Consolidate Gains

I will guarantee that my gains from this journey are consolidated by frequently reminding myself that I am further bettering my health in the long-run. Being aware of these terrible side-effects will keep me on the right path of pursuing my goal. I know that this change will decrease my risks of skin cancer and melanoma, bettering my chances of a long life.

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