Health Psychology Paper

5 page Health Psychology paper


Final Project: The Self-Modification Project. One of the primary goals of this

course is to better understand the impact that daily lifestyle and habits may

have upon overall health and wellness. Consistent with this goal, each

student will begin by completing a personal exploration or assessment of the

challenges to personal wellness (smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol use,

stress modification, etc). Based upon this initial exploration the student will

have to develop a plan to modify the challenged found in this exercise and

discuss how they have changed these lifestyle-challenges. The format for this

paper will follow three general headings (Initial Challenges to Health and

Wellness, Plan of Intervention In the initial section, relevant research

regarding the unhealthy behavior should be offered and supported with

relevant research. In the second section, the student will develop a detailed

plan to change the researched behavior. In the last section, the student will

discuss the results of their plan to change the unhealthy behavior.

Requirements for the paper include a minimum of 5 pages (APA Format, 6th

Edition). This assignment is due NOT LATER THAN Monday the last week of

the course.

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