Health Systems Delivery Program Issues and Planning Report

This powerpoint should help explain how health care is delivered in the United States, what costs are involved, and how the concepts of value and quality influence health care delivery, also should focus on the health system delivery issues and how one can help alleviate such perceived problems facing our health care system.Discuss the Health System Program History and the regulatory agency that governs the system. Eligibility/Insured BenefitsIdentify a Health Systems Delivery issue on your selected Program. Present a clear and concise problem statement including why systems change is needed.After analyzing the issues in health systems delivery, discuss what role the government plays in correcting the issues.Write/propose a strategic plan integrating rigorous knowledge development processes. Include supporting arguments proving your proposed plan.20+ slides. no plagairism will need a report.Five (5) reputable and current sources (within 5 years) were cited within visual presentation. All references were in correct APA Format.

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