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Organizational Analysis: Rough Draft of the PresentationThis week, you need to submit the rough draft of your organizational analysis presentation.Below is a reminder of the key tasks involved in the Organizational Analysis assignment:Identify an organization (or unit within an organization) that you believe excels in high-quality relationships and enabling conditions for team performance. This organization can be from any industry.Develop a scorecard for evaluating the organization or unit. At a minimum, you should include information on the mission and philosophy of the organization or unit, strategic projects, and analysis and implementation of findings. Building & Implementing a Balanced Scorecard.Make your case based on available first-hand or second-hand data about how the organization scores in terms of relational capability and enabling conditions for team performance. You will need to submit your scorecard as well as the evidence you utilized to your instructor.Based on your analysis, prepare a 8- to 10-page paper and a 20- to 30-slide presentation based on this paper.The presentation should: (rough draft due this week)Include a cover slide with your information.Cover all salient points from the paper.Describe the programs or processes that make the chosen organization or unit successful in team building and high-quality relationships.Include an analysis of the programs or processes.Include a summary explaining how lessons learned could be applied to another organization

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