Discussion Questions responseMust respond to at least one additional discussion question. · Rationales must be provided for the response(s). · 50-word minimum/100-word maximum without the reference(s). · Minimum of one reference (the course textbook can be a reference), APA formatBelow  is the paper that you need to do a discussionEvidence Based Practice (EBP) in nursing refers to the integration of clinical profession, research evidence and the patient’s needs and preferences. The use of this problem-solving technique in clinical practice motivates nurses to provide patients with individualized care (Mantzoukas, 2008). The Evidence Based technique assists nurses in determining an effective strategy for care delivery. The integration of the technique in nursing involves formulating a clinical question that can help to identify a specific problem and then gathering enough evidence to support the claims. The following steps involve analyzing the evidence and then applying that evidence in clinical practice. The last step involves assessing the results.The integration of EBP in nursing provides the nurses with a unique approach that will enable them to make well thought out decisions. Through the technique, nurses are able to conduct research for their current medical protocols that need to be observed in patient care. Analyzing the documented interventions enables the nurses to medically profile their patients and thus, improve their chance of recovery. EBP equips nurses with the knowledge for evaluating research to enable them to comprehend the risks associated with diagnostic treatments (Burns & Grove, 2010). By utilizing the EBP approach, nurses are also able to incorporate patients in their care plan, allowing them to proactively participate in their own healthcare as they are able to air their opinion and concerns, share their culture and to offer suggestions on how they may wish to proceed. The EBP approach is useful as it may help to better the patients’ outcomes, decreasing the demand for medical resources. Through this, medical institutions may reduce their expenditure. For instance, outdated medical practices may be inclusive of equipment and supplies that may no longer be helpful for certain procedures.

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