2000 Words Literature Review about China’s Agricultural Productivity. i have a paper about Household Sustainability on Rising Agricultural Production in China and i need literature review about the topic. MUST USE 10 SCHOLARLY ARTICLES. and Provide me with the articles too. My topic uses the Independent variables, which are Rice, Wheat, and Corn Production; and my dependent variable is Gross Value of Agricultural Output (GVAO) Therefore, make sure you mention them in the literature review. The structure of the literature review part must be as the following: •Include the References Page

•Describe the organization of the Literature Review

•Organize by empirical and theoretical

•Organize by books and articles, if have both

•Organize Chronologically, oldest first

•Citation format: Name of the author (s) and Year of Publication

•Describe the Common Theme between the reviewed articles

•Summarize your review: integrate them

•Conclude: Connect the Lit Review and your Research

•Write in present tense.

•Cite once, repeat only for clarity;

•then use “el al” (year)


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