Develop an XHTML, PHP driven website that meets the following requirements: 1. Each page should be W3C compliant, CSS compliant, and use strict XHTML. Each page should have the appropriately linked validation images/icons at the bottom of the page that verify compliance of XHTML and CSS. a. b. c. 2. Start with the proper XHTML header lines. 3. Develop an appropriate title, description, and meta tags so that search engines can find the page. 4. Define at least 3 custom CSS classes. 5. Write a 2-paragraph report that explains the advantages and disadvantages of the selected web host. Post this on the home page (web page 1) 6. Establish a link to a second page that displays the hosting PHP configuration using PHP info (web page 2) 7. On a third page, print the 2-paragraph report using PHP (web page 3) 8. Create a proper menu that allows navigation between all web pages 9. Proper PHP functions should be used to automatically show the last time each page was modified. The date and file time functions are examples. Part 2 Develop the footer and menu that will be used on the rest of your submissions in this course. The footer should have the appropriate linked validation images/icons at the bottom of the page that verify XHTML and CSS compliance as well as include the proper PHP functions to show the last time the page was modified at the file level. The menu should provide navigation ability to all assignments in this class using the main index.php file on your root web directory.

Create a family or friend tree using a PHP script. The tree should date far enough back to include at least 5 family members. If for some reason a family tree is not possible, develop a friend tree or a pet tree. You must use images for those selected, choose accordingly. Using PHP variables, store the name of each individual, information about them, and a link to a separate page for that person in a PHP script called “variables.php.” The main tree web page should be constructed using XHTML and use the PHP variables.php script to output the name of each family member and the link to his/her web page. The web page of each individual should include a picture and at least 4 unique pieces of information about him/her such as his/her career, favorite books/movies/music, goals, interests, and/or accomplishments. Each of the family members along with each of the family member’s unique information should exist within PHP variables. The contents of the variables should be printed and outputted in a properly formatted web page for each family/friend person.

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