How does cultural competence relate to better patient care? Discuss the ways in which a nurse demonstrates cultural competency in nursing practice.

: Topic 4 DQ 1One of the methods that can be used to gather cultural information from patients is simply asking the patient about his/her cultural beliefs that the patient will like to be practiced while their hospitalized. The other method is inquiring from the family members and the patients behaviours by the use of non-verbal signs. When providing patient care, nurses must suspend personal biases and fully respect patients in spite of differences in culture. Cultural competency does not mean becoming an expert on every culture encountered, instead nurses should recognize what they do and do not know in order to provide appropriate care(Falkner 2018) .Cultural competence relates to better patient care in the sense that knowing the diverse feelings, values, and beliefs of patients leads to increased respect and mutual understanding from patients and increased participation from the local community, which consequently results in improved health outcomes (Sharifi, Adib-Hajbaghery & Najafi, 2019). There are various ways through which a nurse demonstrates cultural competence in nursing practice, with one of them being the way the nurse speaks to the patient. The nurse should speak to the patient in a way that is easy to follow and understand. The nurse should not disregard or judge the belief or religious background of a patient. Instead, the nurse should encourage the patient to do what works best for he/she thinks works best.ReferenceFalkner A. (2018). Health promotion: health & wellness across the continuum. Retrieved from continuum/v1.1/#/chapter/Respond to the above posting i discussion using 250-300 words APA format with reference by supporting the post

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