HW ASST 3.2 – DP

Theories, Models & FrameworksInstructions:Select one (1) of the following scenarios related to a specific nursing.ÿ Think about what you would do in the scenario presented and post your ideas.Post two (2) discussion questions based on the readings along with your answers.Florence Nightengale: Your hospital patient is an 82 year-old woman. She does not have immediate family and has been living alone in her own home. Her hospitalization was unanticipated; it followed a visit to the emergency room for a burn on her lower leg. The patient has been hospitalized for 14 days. She pleads with you to allow her friend to bring her dog, a 16-year-old Scotty Terrier, to the hospital. She tells you that none of the other nurses have listened to her when she asked them about such a visit. Based on Nightingale?s model, and 13 cannon, what actions would you take for this patient?

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