Please fallow instructions APA format, do one page for each question with at least two references for each of them. I would like to have the copy of the articles also please for question one.

Discussion Question 1

Health disease that I would like to talk about is Hypertension

Research two evidence-based articles. Cite the references in APA format. On the basis of the literature search and adult disease process, also discuss what parts of the complete health history would be essential in understanding a patient’s current health state and work-up completed to date.

Discussion Question 2

Give an example of three differential diagnoses for a patient who complains of a sore throat. Differential diagnoses must be considered before choosing a final diagnosis. What criteria must be met before a final diagnosis can be made? Support your differential diagnoses with a brief statement of reason. You do not have to have a final diagnosis for this patient; just work up the differential diagnoses. This is a common complaint for many patients.

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