Hypertension powerpoint

The topic is hypertensionCreate a 10-12 slide powerpoint presentation in APA format consisting of the following:Slide  – Title, name, collegeSlide 1 – Abstract slide containing a summary of the topic, purpose, background, and findings containing 120-150 wordsSlide 2-3 – Pathopharmocology about a disease and the medicationSlide 4-5 – Pharmacokinetics of the medication, including class, mechanism of action, and age-appropriate therapeutic dosageSlide 6 – ContraindicationsSlides 7 – Present the 10 rights of medication administration and briefly address any concernsSlide 8- A primary and secondary NANDA approved nursing diagnosisSlide 9- Nursing Implications (e.g., laboratory testing, assessment, education, interactions, accessibility, costs, legal and ethical concerns)Slide 10 – RecommendationSlide 11 – ConclusionSlide  – ReferencesStudents must cite any relevant information, including scholarly evidence-based research related to the diagnosis and pharmacological treatment for the selected case study.

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