I Have A Project On Psychology And I Need Help On My Part ?

Influences of gender stereotypes on children

Proposed methodology

· Research Design

o Correlational/Experimental

o Why is this the most appropriate design to test your hypothesis?

· Participants

o Who is the population of interest for this research?

o How will you recruit as representative of a sample as possible from this population?

· Materials/Measurement Tools

o How you will manipulate the IV (experimental designs)?

o How will you measure the DV (experimental designs) or the predictor/criterion variables (correlational designs)?

§ Describe the specific measurement tools/scales in detail (how will you assign a numeric score to each participant – tasks / survey questions / behavioral observations / physiological data etc.

§ If using a survey – how many items/questions are included in the scale, what are the response options, what do scores mean? Provide example items. Include citation information if you use an established scale.


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