I Just Need The Transcript Written Ashley Claire

With this assignment I just need the transcript written no video or recording is needed
Mock Helping Session/Transcript Analysis Experience
To complete this assignment you will need to video record yourself providing a mock helping
session with a “client.” The session must be a minimum of 20 minutes and no longer than 25
minutes. Your instructions:
1. Choose a friend to role play “your client” and develop a “client profile” which includes:
● Background Information- Your “client’s” name and age, as well as an explanation
discussing the “client’s presenting problem” and the purpose of the meeting. Include this
information at the beginning of your Transcript Analysis Paper.
2. Preliminary Skill-Tuning In:
● Consider your “client’s” thoughts, feelings, and issues about the helping session. Based
on your “client’s” presenting problem, consider your own thoughts and feelings about
your “client” and “his/her problem.” Include this information at the beginning of your
Transcript Analysis Paper.
3. Carefully review the Work Phase Sessional Skills (Ch. 5) in preparation for recording your
helping session. During your helping session, you and “your client” cannot read from a script,
and as “The Helper” you must demonstrate the following skills:
-An empathic attitude and genuineness
-Active listening
-Beginning Sessional Skills
-Middle Sessional Skills
-Ending/Transition Sessional Skills
-Open Ended Questions
4. Next, transcribe the entire helping session. This includes everything you say and everything
your “client” says.
5. Transcript Analysis: Then, go back to the beginning of your transcription and identify the
specific skills demonstrated throughout each of your responses during your helping session. For
“You seem really upset by your son’s fight yesterday. Can you tell me more
about what’s upsetting you?”
Displaying understanding of the client’s feelings; Open-ended question
“All hell broke loose after that fight. Mrs. Lewis is furious because he gave her
son a black eye, and she is threatening to call the police on me. She complained
to the landlord, and he’s threatening to throw me out if the kids don’t
straighten up. I tried to talk to Frankie about it, but I got nowhere. He just
screamed at me and ran out of the house. I’m really afraid he has done it this
time, and I’m feeling sick about the whole thing. Where will I go if they kick me
out? I can’t afford another place. And you know the cops gave Frankie a
warning last time. I’m scared about what will happen if Mrs. Lewis does
complain. I just don’t know what to do.”
It really does sound like quite a mess; no wonder you feel up against the wall.
Look, maybe it would help if we looked at one problem at a time. Mrs. Lewis is
very angry, and you need to deal with her. Your landlord is important, too, and
we should think about what you might be able to say to him to get him to back
off while you try to deal with Frankie on this. And I guess that’s the big
question, what can you say to Frankie since this has made things rougher for
the two of you? Mrs. Lewis, the landlord, and Frankie—where should we start?
Partializing the client’s concerns; Open-ended question
5. Finally, write a short critique of yourself (2-4 paragraphs), and address the following
● What did you do well with during your helping session?
● What do you think you could have done differently to improve your work with your
Submission Notes/Instructions:
● Upload your Helping Session video using the Voice Thread link on Blackboard.
● Once your Transcript Analysis is complete, use the appropriate link on Blackboard to
upload your paper.
● Both your Helping Session Video Upload and your Transcript Analysis Paper must be
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