i need 10 drug cards

Lesson 1: Using the drug reference book or websites such as http://rxlist.com or http://drugs.com, prepare 10 Medication cards based on 50 most prescribed drug listing in the drug card template provided (above).  Cite your sources in APA format.Start with the following 10 medications for Lesson 1:Hydocodone/APAPNorco/Vicodinhydrocodone/APAP1Levothyrone SodiumSynthroidlevothyroxine Sodium2LisinoprilPrinivil/Zestrillisinopril3SimvastatinZocorsimvastatin4AzithromycinZithromaxazithromycin5CrestorCrestorrosuvstatin6NexiumNexiumesomeprazole7Atorvastatin CaLipitoratorvastatin Calcium8IbuprofenMotrinibuprofen9Metoprolol TartrateLopressormetoprolol tartrate10

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