how are you doing ?? $20 is my final budget for this work

I will send you a report description, see if you can do it…its not a lab,so it is gonna be easier.
there are 8 questions and I did calculation that required to do the graphs also I draw the graphs as well for questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, &6, but you still need to estimate the 50% thing (e.g. mortality) ,I will provide you with the lecture note to help how to get the 50% mortality, and do some analysing about what do u get, (every thing about what to analyse or discuss is in the word file discretion (lab manual)). also should answer question 7&8 as well.
answering these question should be through in the result and discussion sections, not like points.
these report should be include abstract, introduction , methods, results, discussion and references (use at least two sources)

I attached 3 files:
-lab manual description
– words doc show the graphs and the data I calculated to the graphs, as it is asked in the lab manual, for question 1,2,3,4,5,&6
-the lecture that help you to know what 50% mortality (LD50) means to help you in analysing

please replay me as soon as possible if you can do it

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