1.Identify the types of application software used to translate information between computer systems. Also describe why its integrating function is important to organizational success

2. Define paraphrasing as related to the APA Manual (2010) ), 6th edition and describe why paraphrasing is important to content originality

3.List two possible risk for organization that do not have a business continuity plan. Then , name three key components of a business continuity plan and why they are important

3.Explain the difference between outsourcing and insourcing. Next described why different sourcing models are necessary

4.Identify and describe one IT efficiency metric. Also, Identify and describe one IT effectiveness metric

5.List two reasons for an MIS Project failure and why the reasons lead to failure

6.Discuss the relationship between critical success factors and key performance indicators in measuring business success

7.Describe three policies that should be implemented to address an organization’s ethical compliance

8.why business continuity planning is needed. list three key component of a business continuity plan and describe why each is important

10.Describe the process of risk analysis and the important of risk management plan

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