Inclusive Theories in Career Counseling 

Inclusive Theories in Career Counseling “The earlier theories and approaches to career counseling…were developed before there was much emphasis …on the differeing needs of diverse populations.” (Ratts and Santosin Capuzzi & Stauffer, p. 111). Chapter 4 highlights the need to increase multicultural and diverse population awareness competencies. The text affirms that “promoting issues of career equity and access to career resources further enhances their work with clients” (p. 112). Expectations include ethical, nondiscriminatory, and objective performance and evaluation..
To prepare for this Discussion:
· Review this week’s Learning Resources.
· Think about a few of the challenges that clients who have a diverse or multicultural background might encounter in terms of career development.
· With these examples in mind, reflect on why it is important for a counselor to engage in self-reflection and critique traditional career theories when working with clients who belong to these minority groups.
· Consider how the developmental theories described in Chapter 4 might be helpful in understanding the needs of these clients. Also think about how developmental theories and racial identity theories might be utilized to address the needs of clients who belong to different minority groups.
With these thoughts in mind: Post by Day 4 a description of how development theories and racial identity theories could inform your work with clients who belong to these minority groups.

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