Insomnia And Sleepwalking In Adults

I need a research paper on the following subject on Insomnia and sleepwalking in adults.

  1. the paper needs to be 5 pages long not including title and reference( need 5 references 2005 and newer)  with a slide show 10 slides long not including title and reference page
  2. the paper is descriptive
  3.  needs to describe and explain insomnia and sleepwalking in adults ( what it is and statistics and how many suffer from it in the united states) and any other information.
  4. also the dangers and how those who go with their insomnia and sleepwalking do not get it treated or looked at by a professional
  5. I need it to describe their symptoms and what causes them and how it affects the brain and what areas is it most active in( sections of the brain specifically as additional detail).
  6. what are the treatments or strategies to cope with them ( medication, therapy, doctor visits ?)
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