**KIM WOODS** Effect Of Drug Use Presentation

Select one brain-altering drug—a street drug, a prescription drug, or a legal drug, such as alcohol or tobacco. *chosen drug is MARIJUANA*

Create a 3- to 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you address the following:

  • Discuss the implications of one-time, casual, or long-term use on the physiology of the brain, and on behavior, mood, and cognition.
  • If a person developed an addiction to the drug you selected, what therapeutic interventions would be used to treat the addiction?


  • Include substantive speaker notes. Use citations as you would in an essay. Limit the lines on each slide to four or less.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

legalizing marijuana is a hot-button sociopolitical issue; it concerns economy, healthcare, and criminalization of possession/dealing and, as such, the topic has devolved into a tremendously complicated subject. Everyone has an opinion on it and right now, every state is trying to decide what to do with all the layers that come with marijuana usage. Washington state and Colorado, for example, has legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational usage, while California is exploring the idea of turning marijuana into an agriculture enterprise to boost the economy. Similarly, the judicial system has been playing around with decriminalizing marijuana for users and retroactively reducing sentences for dealers. There’s obviously a lot of background information that we can use to enrich our presentation.

More to the point, marijuana has been considered a street drug since the days of Nixon (where it was a political motivation to criminalize the drug because it was easier to do that than straight-up arrest people with different political views, meaning that turning marijuana was a manufactured bid to prevent the anti-Vietnam youth from casting votes; look it up, it’s very interesting). Now, the contemporary view in a lot of places is that marijuana should be legalized because it isn’t necessarily “harmful”. This has of course been helped along by medical research, which has found marijuana to be useful in pain relief, managing anxiety, and in some types of medicinally distilled versions (oils and pills), a way of reducing epileptic fits.

Marijuana is of course a mind-altering drug – but it is one that touches on every category necessary for this project, because it’s considered street, prescription, and legal depending on where it is used in America.

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