Learning theory to explain how an individual develops these traits.Make sure you use all three theories to explain, not just on

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For question 1, I need it today in 2 hours. For the rest of the question i need it by saturday. Please pay attention with question 2 there 3 questions that needs to be answered- question A,B and C.
1.) Pick 2 characteristics or traits and use Freud’s psychosexual stages, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and Social Learning theory to explain how an individual develops these traits.Make sure you use all three theories to explain, not just one.
2.)Write a one paragraph (7-10 sentences) claim of definition on one of the topic presented in the RESPOND box on page 188 of Everything’s an Argument.
RESPOND BOX TOPIC: College sports programs have become a big businesses.
2) Please answer the discussion question with each reading. Answer for each discussion must be 7-10 sentences using one cited quote from the text, Acting Out Culture, for support.
A) No Myths Here:Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity ( by Erika Nicole Kendall)
Discussion question: How do you respond to Kendall’s use of term “myth” here? What does this term mean to you? Can you think of specific myth that fits your definition? Cited qoute for support: ” She invested a lot of time and effort into me.” (Kendall, 210)
B) Food’s Class Warfare (Tracie Macmillan)

Discussion question: We make mistake, McMillan argues, when we assume that Americans’ eating habits are solely the result of individual choice. Do you agree? Is there another explanation for these trends that makes more sense to you? Cited qoute for support: We can give people all of the information and advice in the world about healthy eating and exercise.” (McMillan, 216)
C) The Obesity-Hunger Paradox ( Sam Dolnick)

Discussion question: While we tend to think of obesity as evidence of excess or overindulgence, notes Dolnick, the truth is that obesity is much more often caused by poverty. How does this fact change your assumptions about eating, weight, and health? Cited qiute for support: ” Hunger is certainly almost an exclusive symptom of poverty. And extra obesity is one of the symptoms of poverty”
3) Respond to #4 on page 229. You must identify the picture selection title and page in your initial post.
#4: First, focus on how eating is being represented in one of the images you’ve just reviewed. What stands out? What seems most important or noteworthy? And what, by contrast, seems noticeably absent? Then, analyze the ways you think this image uses its dining portrait to define the typical or ideal American family. What behaviors and attitudes does it seem to present as normal? And what values, beliefs, or ideas does this portrait seem to endorse right?

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