Legal Issues in Counseling Children and Teens

Please can you do this Unit 3 Discussion 1 & 2 and Unit 3 Assignment 1? $40.00 Due (Monday) 7/23/2018.
Unit 3 Discussion 1 & 2 and Unit 3 Assignment 1? $40.00 Due (Monday) 7/23/2018.
Unit 3 Discussion 1
Legal Issues in Counseling Children and Teens
Based on your experience in a counseling-related field or another professional arena, identify an incident with specific legal issues associated with the provision of counseling services to children and adolescents and describe how they were handled. Briefly describe what happened, changing specifics as needed to protect confidentiality. Based on what you have learned in Counseling Children, Morelen and Schaffer’s 2012 article, linked in Resources, and your review of the laws in your state, how well were the issues handled? What are the best practices for handling these issues?
· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
· Understanding Clinical, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Child Emotional Maltreatment.
Unit 3 Discussion 2
Ethical Issues in Counseling Children and Teens [u03d2] Unit 3 Discussion 2
For this discussion, briefly describe the hypothetical case that you have created (or are creating) for your Unit 3 assignment. Then, identify one potential ethical and one potential legal concern that you would have in mind, as you began counseling with this child or adolescent. Explain the course of action you would take in the first session in order to prevent legal or ethical problems by communicating clearly with your client while also building rapport. Use the course readings for this week to support your conclusions.
Example Scenario
As an example, consider this scenario: Kendra, a 16-year-old student, has been encouraged by her best friend to come see you. Kendra called to make the appointment herself. She lives alone with her mother who works the night shift at a local club. Kendra says she hopes that her mother won’t have to know about her counseling because “she’s always tired,” and Kendra’s concern has to do with a boyfriend her mother dislikes. Kendra has never actually met the boyfriend; he is someone she connected with online who she’s been texting. Recently, the texts have become very sexual and Kendra has begun feeling uncomfortable, although she also finds the relationship exciting.
Based on your readings this week, what would be one potential ethical issue that would be foremost in your mind as you begin counseling Kendra? What would be one potential legal issue? How would you handle these concerns when Kendra comes in?
Discussion Instructions
Now, briefly describe the hypothetical case you have created (or are creating) for this unit’s assignment.
· Identify one potential ethical issue and one legal issue that would be foremost in your mind as you begin counseling your client.
· Identify your plan for addressing those issues.
· Cite the appropriate section of the ACA Code of Ethics, linked in Resources, and at least one other relevant resource.
Post your case to the discussion area.
· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
· American Counseling Association: Ethics and Professional Standards.
[u03a1] Unit 3 Assignment 1
Unit 3 Assignment 1
Conceptualizing a Case
Developmental, Sociocultural, Ethical, and Diagnostic Considerations in Counseling Children and Adolescents
Due: End of Unit 3.
Mental Health Counselors of children and adolescents often need to communicate with appropriate individuals, such as supervisors, parents, or other counselors, about the basic facts and issues surrounding their clients. Creating a factual summary is the first step in the building a case conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment plan.
Your assignment is to develop a case description, analysis, and treatment plan for a hypothetical case. You will first create a background sketch for your hypothetical case, following the example below. Next, you will present your analysis of the developmental, cultural, and legal aspects of the case. Then you will present your diagnosis and treatment plan for the case.
Your case description and treatment plan should be succinct in addressing each area. Counselors must prepare reports that summarize many details accurately but briefly.
Use the Conceptualizing a Case Template, linked in Resources, to develop your treatment plan.

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