Literature Review On Health Issue Related To Autism

I want the article over Autism!! (the paper should answer a health question about Autism…address an issue) Please site articles & the page requirements are in instructions

PROJECT 2: GUIDELINES FOR RESEARCH PROPOSAL PROJECT Objective: to develop two chapters of a research proposal: 1) a literature review covering the topic, research questions, and a rationale statement, including a detailed literature review of your health question using scientific evidence, 2) a methods section. General guidelines: each student will choose a health topic with which to develop a literature review and will state that topic as a research question. This proposal is divided into two sections: Chapter 1: Literature Review, and Chapter 2: Methods. Each section has a separate due date. Both chapters will also have a peer-review. Each student is assigned to a group in the peer-review drop boxes. You will submit your chapter for a peer review on designated due date. You will then critique your other group members chapter and turn in to this same drop box by the designated due date. Finally, you will make all changes and submit your final project to a separate drop box as designated in the syllabus by specified due date. You will develop a research question(s) and search the peer-reviewed literature to help develop a research proposal from that information. You should have between 10 and 15 peer-reviewed articles to use in the paper. If you find less than 10, choose another question – if you find more than 15, that is fine. Chapter 1 is a comprehensive discussion of the literature found on your topic area. You will start with a brief introduction of the topic, research question, and a statement of the research objectives. Then you will provide a rationale using a detailed literature review. It should provide a unique and valuable reference resource for other scholars in your field. This section will be relatively short for a literature review(10 pages) and focused on the scientific studies of the question reported in the peer- reviewed literature. Articles from the popular media can only be used as background, i.e., to establish the interest in the question. This chapter should be a thorough review of the literature. This should include a good transition between the broad topic to narrower topics. This section should include comparison and contrast between articles that are conflicting. In some cases, you will have found no conflicting literature – that is fine, but be sure to state so in that section. At the end of this chapter you should have a summarization of why your research question is important enough to study – how is it unique? Tips: Your literature review will look a lot like the introductions of your journal articles. Find an article that is similar to yours and see how they moved/transitioned from paragraph to paragraph, topic to topic. The hardest thing for new researchers to do is the “flow” and organization of the paper.

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