Your job as a group is to identify the context and problem that your readings offer and then develop an argument that responds to a motivating question you agree on. This argument should be an original contribution to the conversation developed in the texts you’ve read, and may be supported by any of the texts you’ve read in this course. You might decide as a group to examine one workplace in more specificity or explore the theme of your topic across multiple workplaces. The best presentations will draw connections to issues and sources we have discussed this term. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes.

Above is the rubrics for a presentation, and the below is what we need the topic for the presentation.

Each title indicates a main point.

  1. we talk about why it’s not as big as it seems (women work less, different jobs, parent duties etc.)
  2. discrimination still exists even within the same job (right now we have stuff like transgender men-to-women gain less than women-to-men, coming back from long break from work, women are discriminated more than men. tec.)
  3. possible solutions to the problem.

Please use the 8 articles we shared in the last session, and make it for slides please.

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