Question 1:

Our relationships with companies and other organizations are complex, and many issues that impact quality of life relate directly to marketing practices and images of the self. These include the trade-off between our privacy and the ability of companies to tailor their offerings to our individual needs. Other issues revolve around market access, as many people are unable to navigate the marketplace due to disabilities, illiteracy, or other conditions. Discuss the pros and cons of giving up personal and private information for better service and a product selection tailored for your needs.

3-5 PG APA Style

Question 2:

This week, look at your wardrobe and discuss how a recent clothing purchase was influenced by the way you see yourself and a self-image that you want to portray. Think about the implications to marketing. I purchased Under Armour and Smash It Sports Clothing

1-2 Pages APA Style

Question 3:

In Module Five you chose your brand category for the brand audit. In your assigned group wiki page, work with your group members to compare and contrast the types of branding strategies of two brands within the category. What conclusions, if any, can be drawn from comparing and contrasting the types of associations consumers have for each brand in the pair?

Follow up this activity by polling 2 to 4 people about possible brand extensions for each brand. Evaluate the differences between brands. Identify at least one reason for the differences. Below is the Information.

Verizon Wireless – Founded in 2000; Headquartered in New Jersey; largest wireless telecommunications provider in the U.S. Best network coverage, covering 98% of the U.S. This brand is known to be a bit more expensive than other brands but it has the best coverage and reputation so customers are willing to pay the price. (Ashley Vargem)

AT&T – Formerly known as Cingular Wireless; headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Second largest wireless telecommunications provider in the U.S. (Ashley Vargem) First wireless provider to offer the Apple iPhone when released, and experiencing poor publicity due to issues with service upon release. (Franco Agrusa).AT&T plan has two choices for the data plan, the unlimited choice and unlimited plus. The unlimited option plan is for people who like to stream music, surf the web and podcasts without fear of data overages through optimization of affordability by the limitation of maximum data speed and bringing down video view to standard definition. The unlimited plus plan users have no restriction on their data use and can use services without extra charges for hours. However, this services is inclusive of an additional charge.(Kyle Craven)

Largest selection of flagship-quality phones though family plans are pricey. Considered a jack of all trades and is more apt comparison than Sprint to Verizon. Family recognizes it for dropped calls. (Chad Hanna)

T-Mobile – International company headquartered in Germany; serves the U.S. and Europe. A more affordable wireless provider, compared to Verizon and AT&T, but not as great coverage as the bigger providers. (Ashley Vargem).T-Mobile option is a good plan, but one has to pay an extra charge to unlock some of the additional features. The plan is unique due to the higher than average LTE data plan and its additional features such as unlimited text and 2G data in 140 countries. For individuals traveling a lot, this is the best plan option(Kyle Craven)

Sprint – One of the larger, international telecomm providers, having started with providing service in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, LA, San Diego and Anaheim. Merged with Nextel during Nextel’s popular period in the early 2000’s. Has become increasingly aggressive in their marketing, most recenltly acquiring the spokesperson used by verizon, most notably recognized for his phrase “can you hear me now?” Sprint unlimited plan is the cheapest plan compared to other data plans. Data speed is throttled down after the 23GB cap is reached and also limits the maximum data speed depending on the activity one is carrying out.(Kyle Craven)

Unlimited Data Plans, Free international texting, iPhone leasing plans. (Joshua Chelmo)

US Cellular – Formed in 1983, one of the lesser recognized brands on the East Coast due to considerable volumes of shared network towers. It is the fifth largest wireless telecommunications network in the US and is based out of Chicago, Illinois. Emphasis has always been placed on widespread coverage in the Midwest and Eastern areas with minimal dropped coverage. In addition, there are many plans available to users and customer service is better than most. (Chad Hanna)

Cricket- One of the more recognized no contract cellular providers that utilizes AT&T coverage. Company offers an unlimited data plan which is novel among lesser carriers. Service speeds are capped at 8 Mbps however but the price can barely be beat. Can often be found in box stores as the cheapest available option. (Chad Hanna)

Metro PCS- MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service in the United States that is part of T-Mobile US, Inc.. MetroPCS provides nationwide talk, text, and data depending on the plan services using GSM, HSPA, HSPA+ and 4G LTE networks (Alexis Villegas)

Question 4: Cell Phones Brands

Using the brand that you have been working with so far, consider how you might modify the brand architecture, brand hierarchy, or brand extensions to expand the brand. Explain how your strategies match with the brand image that you are attempting to communicate. In other words, how do these brand growth correlate to the logo and tagline you developed? Is there a connection? Does there need to be one? Why or why not?

Write a short paper outlining how you would grow the brand and how this growth is related to the brand message. 3-5 Pgs APA Style

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