Milestone 2 assessment

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1. Welcome to the Milestone 2 tutorial.

2. This tutorial reviews Milestone 2, your assessment and diagnosis paper. For Milestone 2, you will write an APA paper where you will complete your community assessment, and diagnose one community health nursing problem based on this data. You can find APA resources in your resource folder in your course.

3. Download the Milestone 2 guidelines from Doc Sharing, and follow the directions carefully. Use the headings outlined on these guidelines as first level headings in your paper. There is an APA template in resources that you can use to help with APA formatting.

4. Begin Milestone 2 with an introductory paragraph. Start your paper with an interesting sentence that grabs the attention of the reader. Provide an introduction to your paper, and be sure to include the purpose of your paper related to assessing and diagnosing a community health problem.

Follow this up in Section 2 with a second paragraph that describes your community in a little more detail. Include your community’s name and state. Discuss whether it is rural, suburban, or urban. Describe a few interesting facts about your area.

Next, in the demographic data section, discuss a range of demographic data for your community. Demographic data includes the general statistics that describe the community. This data is found in the U.S. Census Bureau reports (similar to the first part of your Week 2 discussion). Compare your demographic information to state or national statistics.

In the Epidemiological data section, include a range of information about disease rates, health behaviors, or public health problems in your area. This information can be found from your local health department records (on their website), the county health rankings website, or other records, such as those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Do not use Wikipedia. Most .com websites are not considered scholarly resources. Use this data to paint a picture of your community. Compare your community data to state or national data. Be sure to include statistics that support the problem that you will be discussing later in the paper.

5. The windshield survey section includes a summary of the relevant parts of your windshield survey that was completed for the first Milestone. Be sure to include information about what you observed related to the problem you identify.

Now that you’ve collected the assessment data, you can diagnose the problem and discuss that in the next section. Be sure this is a nursing problem that you consider to be a priority concern. Provide the rationale for your choice, and relate your choice to one of the healthy people numbered objectives, not just a healthy people goal. Be sure that the data you collected and your windshield survey validates this problem. Also, discuss the findings of two scholarly journal articles related to the problem you chose. These articles may discuss factors that contribute to the problem you uncovered, but should not focus on interventions.

The summary section provides a paragraph about your paper and should include a restatement of what you discovered and a statement about the problem. This should also include the population at risk for the problem and the factors that contribute to this problem. Do not include new information in the summary. End with a conclusion statement.

Finally, include a reference page for the complete APA reference of any source you cited in the paper. See the APA documents in resources for help. As always, use the grading rubric to self-grade your paper before submitting it.

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