Mini Research Prospectus

Can someone do my Mini Research Prospectus paper? My academic disciplines are education and psychology.

Dr. Robert Hill

BIDS 3000


Interdisciplinarit y is the study of a complex issue, problem, or question from the perspective of two or more disciplines by drawing on their insights and integrating them. The interdisciplinary process is used to construct a more comprehensive understanding of the problem. The object of inquiry may be an intellectual question or a real-world problem.

“MINI PROSPECTUS” ASSIGNMENT (15 points – Need to Include all 9 parts)

research prospectus is a preliminary plan for conducting a study. This is not a detailed, technical research proposal, but, rather, a considered analysis of the issues you are likely to confront in such a study. In essence, it is a preliminary proposal.

I RESEARCH PROBLEM (TOPIC) – What is the research problem you are trying to solve?


III WHICH ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES WILL BE EXPLORED? (remember not every problem/question is suitable for interdisciplinaryinquiry. There are 4 criteria commonly used to justify using an interdisciplinary approach: 1. The problem or question is complex; 2.Important insights or theories of the problem are offered by 2 or more disciplines; 3. No single discipline has been able to address the problem comprehensively or resolve it; and 4. The problem is an unresolved societal need or issue)

THE NATURAL SCIENCES (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics, Physics)

THE SOCIAL SCIENCES (Anthropology, Economics, Education, Political Science,

Psychology, Sociology)

THE HUMANITIES (Art & Art History, History, Literature [English], Music & Music

Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies, etc.)


V PROBLEM STATEMENT  Indicate the problem you will study and why it is important.

VI RESEARCH QUESTION(S) Based on your problem, what are the research questions you are trying to answer? Why & how will answering these questions contribute to solving the research problem? Remember…a research question can be answered ONLY with data or information.

VII PURPOSE STATEMENT The purpose statement tells your reader what the primary goal of the research is. In addition to stating the objective of the research, the purpose statement informs the reader of: the method of research, population under investigation, the setting, and includes the phenomena or variables being studied.

VIII EXPECTED OUTCOMES – What do you think or expect you will find, as answers to your research questions (your sense of the importance of your project).

IX REFERENCES (current “scholarly” sources which you either have in your possession or which you have not yet obtained, but would intend to use)

Consider the profession you plan to enter — Pick a complex interdisciplinary issue, problem, or question from the perspective of 2 or more academic disciplines (where authors from at least TWO disciplines have written on the topic or at least some aspect of it.).


· The Effects of the Closing of Fine Arts Programs in Public School

· The Loss of Manufacturing Jobs in the Midwest

· The Cause of Obesity Among Teens

· Should the International Space Study Station Continue to be Funded?

· Should the Prison Camp for Alleged Terrorists at Guantanamo Bay be Closed?

· What is the Best Approach to Reduce the Incidence of Bullying in Public Schools?

· Should Deep Water Drilling for Oil be Permitted Considering the BP Oil Catastrophe?

· Whether to Build a High-Speed Rail System to Connect Two Large Cities

· Should Colleges and Universities Require Prospective Students to Submit a Standardized Test Score as Part of the Admission Process?

· What are the Chances of Ebola Becoming a Real Epidemic in America?

· The Effects of Mass Incarceration on Communities of Color

· How Can Technology and Social Media Empower the Introvert?

· What do Scientists Know about the Health Impacts of Fracking So Policymakers Interested in Protecting Public Health Could be Better informed

· Student-Athlete: A Study of Student-Athlete Workload Compared with Traditional Student Workload

· What are the Effects of the Growing Video Games Popularity on Adolescent Boys?

· Does limiting access to guns reduce gun violence?

· Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment

· Has DNA Testing Led to Significant Improvements in the Criminal Justice System?

· What The Amazon Effect Means For Retailers?

This guide provides you with a list of  topic ideas  (by subject or academic discipline) which could be developed into a research paper or project.  It is not an all inclusive list, but a list developed over time with input from faculty and students. It is intended to offer suggestions only. This is NOT a guide to help you research a topic. It is only intended to provide ideas for a paper. 

Start with this thought process aloud:

TOPIC: “I will study…”

CONCEPTUAL QUESTION: “Because I want to find out how …”

CONCEPTUAL SIGNIFICANCE: “In order to help readers understand whether…”

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