Module Discussion – 250 Words

1. Please share what your most important learning point that you gained from completing the TBON jurisprudence course and how will this impact on your nursing practice.

2.  Standards of Care: Case 5-1 (Guido, 2020)

The patient, Mrs. Calvin, was a frail 89-year-old-female, admitted to a med/surg floor following a series of transient ischemic attacks. She had a long history of hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, previous myocardial infarction, and numerous hip surgeries. Coumadin was ordered as a precaution against blood clots that could lead to an embolism or stroke. Her PT/INR values were found to be suboptimal, and the Coumadin dose was increased by the doctor when notified by the nurses of the lab values.  A PT/INR level was ordered to be drawn again the next day. Two days later the patient began vomiting blood and was transferred to ICU. Her PT/INR level was beyond therapeutic level, and she died the next day from a gastrointestinal hemorrhage. If you were the chief nursing officer for the hospital what internal and external standards would you identify as part of your investigation? Why do you think these standards are helpful in the investigation?  Why are these standards relevant from the stand point of regulating nursing practice?


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