MOHA-650 NCHL Competency Paper

Throughout the course assignments, students should demonstrate competency in the following NCHL Leadership traits.  The lessons, assignments, and assessments in this course address each of the competencies listed below.  This assignment requires you to write a paper that addresses your learning for each competency.Introductory paragraphList the title of each competency area in Bold Print, e.g. L6. Communication SkillsoIn 1-2 paragraphs discuss what you learned, relating your information directly to the projects within the course. Describe how you are able to demonstrate having achieved competency in the area as the result of your learning in this course.  Paragraphs should be clear, concise, and factual.Your paragraph should include key words (those bolded) from the Competency Area Elements listed in the table below.Competency Area Elements for each competency can be found in the NCHL link in this course, as well as in the NCHL link in the MHA Orientation course material.Concluding paragraph.To assist you, faculty have aligned these competencies with specific course assignments.  However, you may elect to align with any assignment in this course, where you believe you can demonstrate competency in a given area.

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