Mood Disorder And Life Changes

Jeff’s Case 

Jeff is a 16-year-old Hispanic boy. He typically sleeps until noon on days when he does not have school. On school days, it often takes his mother 20 minutes to wake him. He recently moved from another school district and has few friends at the new school. When awake, he typically keeps to himself in his room. Jeff is not interested in school and has few hobbies. His response to most questions is “I don’t care!” He is overweight and keeps food in his room and eats it when he gets hungry at night.

Mark’s Case 

Mark is a 52-year-old Caucasian man. He spends much of his time in bed. He recently lost his job due to his continued tardiness and poor performance. He is receiving unemployment benefits and has not started to look for a new job, as he feels no one will hire him. Mark is divorced and has not dated since his divorce was finalized 6 years ago. He often feels as if nothing matters and there is really “no point in going on.” Mark has lost 15 pounds over the last several months as he often “forgets” to eat.

Review the two cases. Based on the information you learned from your assigned weekly readings from your textbook, respond to the following:

  • Which of the persons may be more prone to a mood disorder? Apply the most current DSM criteria.
  • What else would you need to know to diagnose a mood disorder? Apply the most current DSM criteria.
  • What are the primary causal factors of mood disorders?
  • If either of the persons were to be treated for a disorder, what are some of the treatment strategy risks or consequences?
  • Does the given life stage (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age) of the person impact your understanding of the causal factors or treatment strategy?

Write your initial response in 1–2 paragraphs. If you refer to research information, cite sources applying APA standards.

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