– Sampling and Reliability Due Saturday @ 2359***Class please note that there is no formal discussion post for this week. There is a reading reflection assignment which is due, this does not require responses to the posters. I am going to ask everyone to please write about 5-6 lines regarding your assigned readings, please post them in the discussion boards tab for week 6 reflections. This week is for reflection which is worth (1 point). Refer to the attached document below. However, please feel free to reach out to me if needed.BEG NGR 5110 Reflection Post Assignments.docxHowever, there is a Library Assignment required.Library Assignment: This phase of your project will require everyone to visit the University Library or online to obtain information related to their project.Phase 2 is Due Saturday @ 2359 (Worth 10 points) and Reading Reflection (Worth 1 point).You will need to refer to your research paper rubric for the best possible outcomes for this assignment. You will find this rubric located within your course syllabus under Phase 2.NGR 5110 Phase 2 Research Paper Rubric Week 6.docxClass you will be asked to continue your research that you have already started. In this paper you are going to conduct a brief literature review on your topic. Please note that everyone will need to haveat least fivesupporting articles related to their chosen topic (3 are peer-review journal articles) and will provide the desired methodology for their project. Your paper will be at least five to six pages (strict adherence to APA guidelines is required). Additionally, class, I will be looking for the quality of your writing, not the quantity. Your writings should be concise, factual and disseminates information.We will commence as follows:Brief literature reviewMethodology and design of the study (Please be detailed-oriented as possible, your methodology should be written as a recipe. Meaning anyone can reproduce your research after reading it).Sampling MethodologyNecessary tools that will be incorporated into your paperAny algorithms or flow maps that you may create (illustrations)*** Please submit this assignment through Safe Assign.Please look for theUPLOADtabs to submit your assignments. They will be listed below this document.

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