Narrative illness

Task description:Students are to engage with a consumer who is experiencing illness or who has had previous contact with the health care system.Students are to produce a narrative piece of writing structured under Borton’s Framework for Reflection’s What? So What? and Now What? headings.What?              Students are to provide a synopsis of the consumer interaction (What did they say? / What happened to the consumer? / What was their experience?).So What?        Students are to provide a detailed exploration of the narratives of the consumer health journey  with reference to the three narrative theories discussed in week 1. (What does it all mean? / What are the underlying themes? / What narrative theory is evident?).Now What?    Students are to provide an insightful reflection around how the interaction has contributed to their    professional development (How the experience will make you a better nurse?).Use the following structure as a guide for your assignment:Cover page or header with the unit number, unit title, assignment title and your student number (not includedin word count).Introduction: Approximately 150 words,includingin-text citations.What?  Synopsis of the consumer’s story (Approximately 400 words,includingin-text citations).So What?  Exploration of the consumer’s narratives and narrative theory (Approximately 400 words,includingin-text citations).Now what? Refection on professional development (Approximately 400 words,includingin-text citations).Conclusion: Sum up the consumer journey/narratives/reflection (approximately 150 words,includingin-text citations).Reference list (not included in the word count).NotesAssignments should adhere to academic writing principals.Students should use either Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font styles in size 11 or 12. Assignments should be 1.5 or double spaced.Please only write in the first or third person for this assignment. You may prefer to use a combination of both (eg: third person for the introduction, What? and So what? parts and first person in the Now what? and conclusion).StudentsMUSTuse de-identified names for when referring to the consumer in your assignment. This is to protect their confidentiality.Feel free to use headings to differentiate each section of your assignment (eg: What?, So What? and Now What?).There is no minimum number of references for this assignment however Borton’s Framework for Reflection should be referenced appropriately.Assignments should be first submitted through the URKUND portal in Canvas. Please review your URKUND result and make appropriate amendments (if required) prior to your final submission in the Assignment 1 portal on Canvas to avoid plagiarism.Marking and moderationMarking and moderation processes will be actioned in accordance with university policy.Prior to the start of marking, a sample of 2-3 assignments will be individually marked by all members of the marking team.Final marks and comments will then be discussed amongst the group to standardise the assignment expectations and marking process.All assignments will be marked blind to student names (student IDs only visible).All fail marks plus a cross section of all other marks (pass, credit, distinction and high distinctions) across all classes will be moderated.Where there is a discrepancy between the marks awarded by the first and second marker, the average mark will be awarded.If there is a student grievance around the marking, a third person will mark the assignment.

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