Review the contents and create a written response in the form of a paragraph using at least five complete sentences that fully answer the question.

1. After assessing the content of the Nationalism folder, what is your opinion of Nationalism? Are there any benefits to nationalism? What are some consequences of nationalism?

Discussion 2



Effective note taking strategies can be very beneficial to your learning because it can help you to better comprehend the information that you are receiving.  Chapter 3 is a great resource to help you learn this skill and the best part is you can start putting it to use right away. 100 word count

Discussion 3



After looking over the information in P.O.W.E.R. Learning and Your Life, Chapter 7, about using the web to find information, think about how you can access information that best suits your learning style. 100 words coun

  • What type of resources do you think will work best for you? How do you plan on using that type of resource as a student?
  • How can the strategies you are learning about in Chapter 3: Taking Notes help you in your career? Aside from the occupational examples in the text, what are some others that you can discuss?

Discussion 4 100 words count


Take a moment to consider your feelings when you hear the word “test”.  For some students, just the word “test” can be terrifying.  The book defines text anxiety as “a temporary condition characterized by fears and concerns about test-taking. It’s a sign of a very real physical reaction: your body is producing stress hormones as a reaction to your mental state of concern.”  Unfortunately, the tests will not go away, but you may be able to make your anxiety go away, or at least be reduced, by being more prepared.

  • What are some strategies you learned from the reading to better prepare yourself for test taking?
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