Based on your readings, my lecture notes, and your understandings write AN ESSAY AT LEAST FOUR TO FIVE(5-4 PAGES LONG) PAGES ON ONE(1) OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:

1). Compare and contrast aspects of Native American culture and symbolism (life-ways, art, crafts, spiritual items etc.) with European or American cultural symbology. That is, from Meso-American, or the core cultures (Example: Anasazi, Hopewell or Mississippi) that we studied so far. What is different? What is the same? (That is, in terms of the societies of Europeans at the time compared to the Indians of that same time?). What do they say about the two cultures and their views of the world we all live in? What cultural values do you see in each society’s life-ways? Why do you think the social values developed differently? What are the life-way social implications?

2). Compare and contrast aspects of Native American social organization or society with that of European/American (in the same time period and from the cultural regions we have studied thus far -Mesoamerican; Core Cultures; or, Northeastern Woodlands). What is different? What is the same? (That is, when you compare the two societies).Why do you think the two societies developed differently? What are the strengths and weaknesses in each culture’s social organization? What can we learn from each culture?

3). Write an essay on the Major contributions of the American Indians to the world. What had tribal nations developed in the Americas that were lacking in Other Countries at the time of contact? Start with…What were the contributions? Where did these contributions have the greatest impact and why? What do the various contributions tell us about the American Indian society as related to their cultural values compared to other nation-states? Note>> I discussed all this in the Collaborate lecture.

Hint: you do not have to try to include every aspect of the material you read or the lectures that I have conducted. Pick several examples and write about them. Compare & contrast – and analyze what you have learned about the Native American culture and the Anglo-American culture you were raised and socialized in during your development to these new cultures you have been introduced to in this course. Remember to review the pictures and artifacts in the archive that I have made available to you (symbolism in their art, buildings, clothing, ceremonial regalia, etc… is all part of the Indian expression of life-ways – socially and symbolically). You may be creative. You may research for additional information. There is no real right or wrong answers here. Rather, I am most interested in your understanding of the material, your analysis, and what you have learned to date.

NOW >>You should document (post in text citations) and make some reference to your course material as well as outside resources of information. Your textbooks serve as a source as well as other researched information. Most colleges use the APA style and format. Example > (Giddens, 2011).

Write your paper in Font 12 – double spaced. Your paper should be saved as: MT210_first initial of first name and then last name (Example – MT210_KWinkelman). Note>> there is an underline between MT_ and your name.

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