Need A 3 Page Paper With Cover APA Style Will Provided Case Study (Must Follow Case Study In Details)And 3 Ref Rerrecncecs

  1. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your paper:
    1. Purpose of the Program Evaluation: Describe the purpose of a program evaluation in evidence-based practice. How does it support the profession?
    2. Introduction to the Case Study: Considering the provided data set, address the goal of this program evaluation.
    3. Review Summary of the Data
      1. Identify what kind of data is being used. Is the proposed evaluation qualitative or quantitative in nature?
      2. Determine if the design reflects an ethically and culturally competent evaluation. Is the data representative of the culture of the population
        being evaluated?
      3. Identify the patterns or trends. What does the data tell you?
    4. Summary
      1. Describe the results of the evaluation.
      2. Determine if the program is effective. Why or why not?
      3. Identify a future improvement for the clinical program that is being evaluated.



*Your first page should be an APA formatted cover page

Final Project II Program Evaluation

Purpose of the Program Evaluation

Describe the general purpose of a program evaluation in evidence-based practice. (Hint: this is a great place to reference the ACA Code of Ethics) How does program evaluation support the counseling profession? Support with scholarly sources.

Introduction to the Case Study

Using the case study in week 7, provide an overview of the program evaluation that was conducted.  Review the program that the data was collected from and what the goal was for the evaluation.


Summary of the data. In a descriptive paragraph, explain the population, what data was collected and what type of data was being worked with.  Explain the method of the evaluation

Design of the evaluation. Describe your impression of the case study and whether you feel the evaluation reflects and ethically and culturally sensitive evaluation.  Comment on whether the data is representative of the population described as being evaluated.

Trends in the data. Evaluate the data and explain your findings. Describe any trends that you noted in the data and what implications that has for the evaluation process.


Results. Describe the results of your evaluation of the data. Based on your evaluation, explain whether you believe the program is effective or not.  Provide a descriptive rationale of your answer.

Future Improvement. Identity one improvement you would recommend for the program (NOT THE EVALUATION) based on your evaluation of the data.  Explain your rationale for the recommendation.

*Reference Page should follow to cite any scholarly sources you use to support your work.

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