need help with week 2 homework three small parts


Refer to Ch. 2, 4, & 7 of your text for this assignment.


Write a brief 200- to 350-word workplace memo that addresses the following scenario:

You are working as the communications officer for a company located in a large office building with designated areas for employee breaks and lunches located on each floor. The company’s president has asked you to send a memo via e-mail directing all employees to clean their own mess before leaving the breakroom.

There have been repeated instances of spills on counters, garbage left behind, and employee lunches and food items spoiling in the refrigerators. The president wants you to warn employees that he may direct the cleaning staff to throw out everything in the refrigerator on a daily basis if the situation continues. Additionally, he would like you to direct employees to clean any mess they encounter in the break rooms, regardless of whether or not it was their own. Basically, he wants you to create a guide of breakroom “Do’s and Don’t’s” for employees.


Follow the guidelines for ensuring quality and appropriate tone discussed in Ch. 7, and include the following in your memo:


  • A subject line for the e-mail


  • Planning and composing that demonstrates understanding of the audience for whom you are writing as discussed in Ch. 2 of your text


  • Writing that follows the characteristics of good writing as discussed in Ch. 4 of your text, such as verb-to-word ratio, keeping the subject near the verb, tone, and active voice


Submit your assignment to your instructor as a Microsoft® Word document.



Create a table of contents for your manual. You will include the table of contents as a part of your complete manual, due in Week 5. The table of contents must correspond to the headings and subheadings in your final manual.


Submit your assignment to your instructor as a Microsoft® Word document.


Write a summary with your partner explaining how to improve the instructions from your Week One collaborative activity.


Submit a summary of your improvement plan explaining the rationale for your changes to your instructor.


will send the week one writeup on what was done for this summary..

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